your dreams ARE OURs TOO

Eshan ensured that your career dreams are not just yours. From the very first year you enter the campus, we ensure your training & development. With the help of our training partner – FACE Focus Academy, we have equipped ourselves with the launchpad required to give your dream career a kickstart

Training & PLACEMENT

Eshan has been providing our students with the training to land their dream jobs. Our students have landed jobs in major multinational companies. Over 80% of Eshan 2020 B.Tech batch got placed, with the highest package of 12.4 LPA

Motherson Drive


B.Tech. // EXtra Marks // 12.4 LPA


We know What You Need

everything from basic English, professional grooming to technical skills - We have got you covered

what is the must-do thing to secure my dream job?

At Eshan we not only ensure the best in class technical skills, but we also get you for job-ready. Out dedicated training partner ensures that you get the skills necessary to get your dream job in your specific dream company. A dedicated Training & Placement center at Eshan, customize the training plan to achieve your dream job.

Looking for a college that takes your career path seriously? Why Eshan is your place!

We at Eshan ensure that your dream is not just yours. Our dedicated Training and Placement cell works with each student to ensure he lands his dream job. Since the past decade, Eshan has been consistently providing the class with a platform to land their dream job. We work with you not just in the final year, but from the day you join the institute

What specific does Eshan do to ensure my dream Job?

We at Eshan have partnered with best in class training and placement partner - FACE Focus Academy. We ensure that you don't only gain technical skills but also the soft skill. This overall development training sets us apart from other institutes in class.

Is there anything Additional That Eshan Is Doing

In Eshan Group of Institutions, Robotics Process Automation(RPA) training has been started from 29th Jan 2020 to establish Centre of Excellence Lab in Eshan Premises.
RPA is one of the top 8 emerging technology which is expected to create over 3 lacs job opportunities in India in the next 3 years. RPA will be helpful in Business Processes, IT Support Process, Remote Infrastructure, etc.

We understand the importance of placement

A dedicated Training & Placement center to ensure you land your dream job.  One of the best colleges in Agra to kick start your career

Placement Dashboard 2019-2020 MBA/B.Tech/Diploma   
NameCourseName of CompanyPackage/CTC
Harsh SharmaB.Tech-CSExtramarks Education12.4 LPA
Komal KumariMBAHindustan Recruiters Noida5.60 LPA
Shivani MahorMBAHindustan Recruiters Noida5.60 LPA
Devesh KumarMBAHindustan Recruiters Noida5.60 LPA
Shashi MBAHindustan Recruiters Noida5.60 LPA
Ajay kumar MBA (Mkt )Triveni Almirah Pvt Ltd4.86 LPA
Shashank kataraMBA (Mkt )Triveni Almirah Pvt Ltd4.86 LPA
Devesh KumarMBASquareyard Gurgaon4.66 LPA
Nikhil SonkerMBASquareyard Gurgaon4.66 LPA
Ankit YadavB.Tech-CESquareyard Gurgaon4.16 LPA
Nidhi AgrawalB.Tech. ECCapgemini3.80 LPA
Rajat RawatMBA (Mkt )Jeevansathi.com3.60 LPA
Mukul ShakyaB.Tech. CSMphasis3.25 LPA
Dharmendra SharmaB.Tech MEJust Dial3.08 LPA
Rajat RawatMBA (Mkt )Just Dial3.08 LPA
Sanskar KaushikB.Tech MEJust Dial3.08 LPA
Shashank KumarB.Tech EEJust Dial3.08 LPA
Soniya KumariB.Tech ECJust Dial3.08 LPA
Tanvi BajpaiB.Tech. CSJust Dial3.08 LPA
Sunny SinghMBA (Mkt )Just Dial3.08 LPA
AnjaliMBA (Mkt )Just Dial3.08 LPA
Neha chauhanB.Tech. CSNTT Data Service3 LPA
Nancy KushwahB.Tech-MEAcadecraft Noida2.16 to 3.50 LPA
Manoj Kumar Diploma METriveni Almirah Pvt Ltd2.80 LPA
Mukul MalikDiploma METriveni Almirah Pvt Ltd2.80 LPA
Ruchi guptaMBA (MKT )Just Dial2.59 LPA
Rahul SharmaB.Tech. CSAdeptia India Pvt Ltd2.52 LPA
AnjaliMBA (Mkt )mitzvah engg. Inc, Noida2.20 LPA
Muskan Gupta MBA (Mkt )mitzvah engg. Inc, Noida2.20 LPA
Vidhi SaxenaMBA (Fin )HDB Financial Services2.12 LPA
Neha SharmaMBA (HR )HDB Financial Services2.12 LPA
Shruti SenMBAPeritto Staffing Noida1.80 LPA
Shivani SrivastavaMBAPeritto Staffing Noida1.80 LPA
Shruti JainB.Tech-CSPeritto Staffing Noida1.80 LPA
Deepak UpadhyayDiploma MEKrishna Maruti1.74 LPA
Mukul MalikDiploma MEKrishna Maruti1.74 LPA
Diksha GuptaMBA (Mkt )Genpact1.62 LPA
Neha GuptaMBA (Mkt )Genpact1.62 LPA
Pradeep bhardwajMBA (Mkt )Genpact1.62 LPA
Akash NigamDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Akash SinghDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Annand PrajapatiDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Ashwani KumarDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
BantyDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Ganesh KashyapDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Harish GautamDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Homesh SinghDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
MohitDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Prashant Kumar SharmaDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Puneet Ranjan YadavDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Rahul Kumar Singh Diploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Ravee UpadhayayDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Reetesh JainDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
ShivamDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Shubham Raj VermaDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Sunny KumarDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Tarun DhangarDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Utkarsh DixitDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Uttam SahuDiploma MEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Vivek GolaDiploma EEDixon Technology Noida1.53 LPA
Tanvi BajpaiB.Tech. CSRNF Technologies Pvt Ltd1.47 LPA
Shalini KhatwaniMBA (HR )Technocraft Solution, Agra1.8 LPA
Pankaj YadavDiploma CEK. S. Infrastructure1.44 LPA
Shubham KumarDiploma CEK. S. Infrastructure1.44 LPA
Abhishek AgarwalDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Abhishek KataraDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Himanshu Pratap SinghDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Rahul KumarDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
ShubhamDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Vishnu KumarDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Prashant GautamDip-MEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Pratyush NandanDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Ratnesh Kumar RayDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Harshvardhan SinghDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Harsh SagarDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Aman Singh Sikarwar Dip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Shekhar SinghDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Yogendra singhDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Suraj SinghDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Shubhank BaghelDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
ShubhamDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Ankit KumarDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Ajay SaraswatDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
ShivamDip-EEMotherson Automotive Bhiwadi1.41 LPA
Akash NigamDiploma EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Amit KumarB.Tech MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Deepak UpadhyayDiploma MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Indrajeet SinghDiploma MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Komal SinghB.Tech EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.88 LPA
Naveen SharmaB.Tech. EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.88 LPA
Pradeep ChaudharyDiploma EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
RajatB.Tech MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.88 LPA
Ruby Kumari B.Tech ECNMS Enterprises Ltd1.88 LPA
Shashank KumarB.Tech EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Shubham Raj VermaDiploma EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Vivek GolaDiploma EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Abhishek JainDiploma MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
MalkhanB.Tech EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.88 LPA
Nitin SharmaDiploma EENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
ShivamDiploma MENMS Enterprises Ltd1.38 LPA
Man SinghITI ElectricianPranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
ManeeshITI ElectricianPranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Pawan KumarITI FitterPranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Rajendra SinghITI FitterPranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Vikas Kumar PatelITI ElectricianPranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Annand PrajapatiDiploma METenneco Automotive India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Ashwani KumarDiploma METenneco Automotive India Pvt Ltd1.32 LPA
Vishwas PandeyDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Vishnu Kumar SharmaDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Ajay ParasharDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Rahul KumarDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Shubham SinghDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Aniket KumarDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Rajat VermaDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Abhishek AgrawalDip-MERoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Santosh VarunITI-ElectricianRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Rocky DhakreyITI-FitterRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Amulya RanaITI-ElectricianRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
RakeshITI-ElectricianRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Pawan KumarITI-FitterRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Anand TyagiITI-ElectricianRoyal Enfield, Lucknow1.32 LPA
Annand PrajapatiDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Azeem UddinDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Bhanu Prtap ChhonkarDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Faizan IbrahimDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Farha KhanDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Hari Krishan SharmaDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Mukul MalikDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Ravee UpadhayayDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Sachin UpadhyayDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Subham KumarDiploma MEAsahi India Glass Ltd.1.26 LPA
Chhattar SinghDiploma EELaboratory Store, Agra1.26 LPA
Rahul Kumar Singh Diploma MERomsons, Agra1.08 LPA

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